2022 is here and the spotlight is on making those resolutions reality! While you have your mind focused on a New Year, New You, as a single, it would be ideal to use this time for a fresh start. Kick the dating habits that aren’t bringing you results and try something new to jump start your dating life.

It’s a new year, what do you have to lose?

So, while some of you may be focusing on taking up a new hobby or shedding some holiday pounds, let us shine some light on ways to refresh with a yearly dating makeover!

Create a growth mindset! Work on creating a mind for manifestation. It’s easy to focus on the negative, especially when it seems like dates aren’t going your way. Mindset is a key ingredient in a successful and enjoyable dating experience. One way you can turn any experience into a positive one is by changing some of the language you use, even in terms of dating.

Instead of looking at them as dates, look at them as opportunities.

What opportunity are you in for tonight?

When you see a date as an opportunity, it opens up the possibilities, and the more possibilities you create, the more likely you are going to snag that special someone!

Our dating experts suggest that you shouldn’t view dating as a waste of time, but rather an opportunity to learn something about yourself or someone else. This person may not be a perfect match, but their best friend may be, or you could learn something from them that will help improve your next date! You never know, and you certainly won’t if you don’t open yourself up to the opportunity.


No more compare and despair! One habit that certainly does no one any good is comparing your dating life to someone else’s. We aren’t copy and paste versions of each other. That means we all have our own circumstances that lead to different outcomes.

The person you are comparing yourself to may be a part of a group that has a lot of singles. Maybe they have different things that are important to them, maybe they go out more or have more time than you. Whatever the circumstance, comparing yourself to someone else, or comparing potential mates to a friend’s spouse or past relationship is never a good way to go about dating.

Be excited for your adventure, and enjoy the road that leads to your final destination!

Maybe your type is a TYPO! We hear it all the time…”they just aren’t my type”, “I don’t like facial hair”, “I like them tall”, “I like them curvy”.

If you’re still single and you have a type, as Dr. Phil would say…”How’s that working for ya?”

The dating experts at It’s Just Lunch have more than 30 years of experience matching relationship-minded singles, and more often than not, some of our most successful couples were nearsighted at first. We had to get them over the “black and white” of a potential match to shed light on the grey area, and remind them it’s in their best interest to meet!

Truth is, you never know when a connection will happen, and if you open yourself up even a little bit, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at who may be attractive to you.

Singles have a tendency of getting in their own ways (when it comes to dating), and sometimes need a little nudge to meet someone they may otherwise not meet on their own. Drop the checkboxes and indulge in a little social networking! Let’s face it…you won’t meet someone, if you won’t meet someone! So, open yourself up to the POSSIBILITY that you might feel attraction to someone that may look a little differently than what you have had in the past. It might be the best decision you make!


Freshening up by changing your approach may be the only dating makeover you need to give you some fresh new perspective on meeting that special someone! Need some more help with your dating makeover? Set up a session with one of our dating coaches to help you find your plus one, in 2022!

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